Busy Mom + CrossFit = Happy Family


We’ve all seen the videos on You Tube.  The muscle men – and women – modern day Mr and Miss Universe.  It’s an elite sport, for only the very fittest and strongest.  It’s not for regular people who want to burn a few calories a couple of times a week.

Or is it?


What crossfit really is, is a fun, functional and highly addictive form of exercise.  It’s perfect for every age group and every level of fitness.  And when I say every level of fitness, I mean just that.

Take new mothers, for example.  If a woman has the courage to walk through our doors, baby in tow, explain to us how she’s struggling to lose the extra kilos that pregnancy bestowed upon her, that she has zero energy, and that she has very little time to exercise – well that we can work with!


Here at CrossFit Kudasai we have many mothers.  And fathers.  Even grandparents.  And they all work alongside teenagers and millennials, and even ‘veteran’ CrossFitters who don’t look unlike Mr or Miss Universe.  And that’s the beauty of crossfit – it really, truly is for everyone.


The first couple of weeks are rough – it’s all new, the terminology is confusing, you’re not sure which way your elbows are supposed to be pointing, and you’re a little bit dizzy after the running part of the class.  And the aches and pains that come 24 / 48 hours after the exercise … it’s almost enough to make you quit.  Almost.  But not quite.

Because once you pass that first month you already start to notice a difference.  It’s unlikely you’ll be shedding weight at this time, but don’t despair – you will already start to lose volume.  Isn’t that the same thing?  Well no, it isn’t – because you’re exercising, because you’re turning fat into muscle, and

because muscle weighs more than fat.  What you’ll notice is that your clothes aren’t as tight because you’ll be starting to lose inches – around your waist, your thighs, your upper arms …

Now, don’t think this means that if you carry on with CrossFit you’re going to be eligible to enter the Mr / Miss Universe competition.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a professional CrossFit athlete like we see on the videos – it is very very very hard to make your body look and act like that.  It takes years and years and help from professional nutritionists, scientists who investigate how your particular body works, personal training sessions 2 or 3 times a day, and 100% dedication to nothing but exercise.  People who say “CrossFit makes you too big” don’t know what they’re talking about.

Another noticeable change after the first month or so is that you’ll feel more energetic – “Hallelujah” shouts the new mother!  Also you’ll sleep better – even if it is interrupted sleep – and you’ll feel more refreshed every day.


If you’re a new parent and you want to lose some volume, have more energy – why not give it a try?  Because we are so sure you’re going to love it, here at CrossFit Kudasai everyone’s first class is free – with no compromise. Contact us here.  All we ask is for your first name, a phone number in case we need to change / cancel for any reason, and that if you can’t make it you let us know and we can reschedule.

Then, after the first class, if you don’t like it – well thanks for trying, we hope you had fun anyway.  But we think you’ll be back.  Because in our experience once you get past the whole “this isn’t for me / I’m not like you / I can’t do that” you’ll realise that you just spent a whole hour with a bunch of friendly strangers and a great Coach and you didn’t think about your kids / the laundry / the dinner for even a minute.  It’s a little piece of me-time.  And oh it felt good.

CHECK US OUT AT CrossFitKudasai.com

For newcomers to CrossFit or to exercise in general, or if it’s been a while since you got active – we recommend you sign up for just two or three classes a week.  Doesn’t seem a lot, does it?  That’s only 2 or 3 hours a week.  Maybe you can manage that.  And it’s enough to make a difference.  It’s enough to change your life.